The Struggle of Variable Work Loads


When it comes to being a designer, or running a design shop, a constant flow of work is just not a realistic expectation. We all wish the projects would flow in one after the other, or perhaps two by two to be gracefully and calmly ushered through the design process and borne out into the world to convey important messages to the masses. But the reality of the creative workload is that it can be fairly unpredictable.

We’ve identified (and solved!) two of the main problems with varying design workload for your reading pleasure.


One week you’re slammed, one week you can devote all of your time to a project—and that’s great! Everyone loves those moments when stars align. Only problem is, clients now expect every project to be like this one, and your once single-minded team is now juggling a major workload. Timelines could get pushed. Work quality could suffer and fail to meet their expectations. Which usually means they’re unhappy. Which makes your life tougher. Boo for tougher.

The team at Huxley is waiting in the wings for just such an occasion. We’ll pick up the extra work that could otherwise get missed or delayed in the shuffle, helping you keep your clients happy. Happy clients make your life way better, and your creative time more productive and fulfilling. That’s what we’re all about.

Struggle 02: variable workloads can mean variable income

So imagine, you have a great person on staff, they’re competent and capable and creative, but then there’s a few weeks of downtime. In a perfect world, this isn’t a problem, you have plenty of money in the bank and extra time to be creative is just a bonus. But that world isn’t always the one small design shops and agencies inhabit. In fact, it rarely is. The inconsistency of a workload creates inconsistency in billing and thus, a dry spell can mean more than boredom, it can mean layoffs. Which makes no one happy.

We’re ready to help with this one too. Rather than hiring up and taking on a full time salary + benefits that has to be paid regardless of your monthly billing, we can take on that work on a month to month basis, giving you backup when you need it and never when you don’t.



Saiya Koclanes