4 Ways Subscriptions Are Impacting Our Lives.


The subscription movement has been a huge consumer success for a multitude of services and products the last couple of years. For some consumers it is the element of surprise and trying something new that makes the experience enjoyable. For others it is the benefit of knowing a specific product or service that meets their needs will be delivered to exact expectations, at the same price and at the same time. Here’s why we love it: 

It is affordable and accessible for everyone.

You will not be nickel and dimed. No matter how small or large your budget is you get to pick your product or service knowing how much it costs for everyone.

That is why we love companies like the Dollar Shave Club. They decided that no matter who you are or what your budget is you could afford quality razors and blades. They built a brand that you can love and trust knowing accessibility and affordability are their priorities. 

You know what you are paying for and can expect value in exchange. 

You can see it, read reviews and get details on the product or service. Decide if it meets your needs or desires. Review how much it costs to determine the value without speaking to a rep or signing a contract.

There IS Personalization & Connection.

Even though we live in a digital world, people are searching for a real connection. Something personable and relatable. When something is delivered to your doorstep (even though you paid for it) and it feels like it was made especially for you and that a company put your needs and preferences FIRST. It is a win. And that is exciting. 

This is why companies like Blue Apron are doing so well. You as the customer get to pick your preferences or type of meal and even customize it to your dietary needs. When it is delivered you get to cook the meal with easy step by step instructions and guidance. Its personable and as a customer you get to be a part of the process while solving your need to figure out what to cook that day or what you will need to prepare for the meal. 

It is convenient. 

We are so dang busy these days. Any convenience can make a big difference to your schedule. With subscriptions you don’t have to go anywhere. It is delivered right to you, when you need it. 

So we got to thinking...if you can get subscriptions for razor blades, meals, and WINE then why not get the same for design? 

Design agencies have been around for a really long time and have established processes that are outdated and don’t match the world we live in today. While we believe that you get that you pay for, the critical bit is knowing what you are paying for. As designers in this industry for over a decade, we’ve noticed that a huge portion of clients budgets end up going towards middle men, brick and mortar, expense accounts, unnecessary staff, a cool office, or anything unrelated to design. Huxley is changing that process. If it's not necessary we don't do it. We've tidied up to make sure we're focused on what matters. Our clients and their success.

Huxley was created by designers to be used by EVERYONE. We think that everyone deserves access to the benefits of great design, not just those with massive budgets. When unnecessary elements are eliminated, you get reasonable costs without sacrificing design quality.




Celeste Mickelson